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Children Fashion Crew Socks 12 Pair Pack 9-12 Boys

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Cotton 75% Spandex 25%

  • Monkeys: A unique pattern, full of colourful and cheeky monkeys!
  • Stripes: Never get bored with these funky colourful multi-striped socks.
  • Cars: Vroom vroom! These are the perfect socks for your little speedster.
  • Vikings: The world is full of adventures! Bring out your inner viking, there’s no knowing where these socks might take you.
  • Airplanes: Let your imagination fly high, the sky is the limit!
  • Triangles: Is it a pyramid? Is it a pizza? Use your imagination with this fun triangle pattern.
  • Constellation: A pattern inspired by the patterns in the night sky. What patterns might you see in the night sky?
  • Koala: A cuddly and sweet koala enjoying his eucalyptus leaves
  • Tiger: It’s a jungle out there, full of majestic tigers! Be the king of the urban jungle.
  • Crocodile: Are you willing to put your little ones feet into these crocodile infested socks?
  • Kangaroo: A mummy kangaroo and hey baby joey, hopping along the Australian bush and rainbows
  • Monsters: These monsters are looking for some feet to eat! Or maybe looking for a new friend tp play with?

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