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Bamboo Quarter Crew Cushion Foot Loose Top w/Grip // 11-14 Black

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  • A grip or non-slip feature is typically achieved by incorporating silicone or rubberized patterns or dots on the sole of the sock. These patterns create friction between the foot and the surface, helping to prevent slipping and sliding while walking or engaging in activities. This can be particularly useful on smooth or slippery surfaces, such as hardwood floors or tiles.
  • Length: The 1/4 crew long socks are shorter than traditional crew socks or mid-calf socks. This length falls somewhere between ankle socks and crew socks, providing a different style and fit.
  • Loose Top: These socks have a loose top, which is beneficial for individuals who require socks with minimal compression or those who have circulation issues. They are sometimes referred to as circulation socks, health socks, medical top socks, diabetic socks, or comfort socks.
  • Hand-Drawn Rubbers: After the knitting process, an extra step is taken to manually draw out the rubbers from the sock top. This procedure ensures that the top of the sock is loose and does not leave marks on the wearer’s leg even after extended periods of use.
  • Hand Linking: The toe of the socks is closed using a hand linking technique, sometimes called “NO SEAM,” “SEAM FREE,” or “FLAT SEAM.” This method avoids the use of a rosso machine typically employed in the construction of regular socks. The result is a seamless and more comfortable toe area.
  • Reinforced Toe and Heel: The socks have reinforced toe and heel areas, which enhances their durability and lifespan. This feature ensures that these socks can withstand frequent wear and provide long-lasting comfort.
  • Materials: The outside of the socks is made from 100% bamboo yarn, while the inside is composed of spandex (polyester/elastane). The overall composition of the socks is 85% bamboo and 15% spandex (polyester/elastane). Bamboo yarn is known for its softness, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties, making it a comfortable choice for socks. The inclusion of spandex provides elasticity and a snug fit.

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